3-in-1 ™

3-in1 is Whalen Furniture’s patented utility concept that allows the customer to purchase one item and solve all of their potential installation needs, providing both quality and value. Our 3-in-1 TV Stands offers three display options: use the floating spine mount, mount the television directly on the wall, or place the tv on the console. Whalen Furniture developed the 3-in-1 technology in 2005, applied for patents in 2007, and the patents were accepted in 2011.


Our QuantumFlame® fireplace inserts offer customers luxury, comfort, and warmth, all without the mess of logs, ashes, and chimneys. The most realistic electric fireplace on the market, we’ve paired an industry-leading fireplace with innovative furniture design. Any room in the home can be cozy and elegant, courtesy of the advanced dual-flame technology that provides depth, shimmering embers and realistic dancing flames. Inserts can heat up to a 1,000 square foot area, depending on the interior coil, and remotes offer easy control to the customer. Whalen holds multiple utility patents for this technology and design.


Customers spend lots of time sitting at the table and deserve a seat that’s forever comfortable. Our trademarked and patented coil technology means they’ll have the most comfortable dining room seating, whether in a chair or using one of our gas lift bar stools. Dozens of coil springs, covered by three layers of foam, provide long-term comfort and support unlike anything else they’ve ever experienced.